Theology of the Goddess

An ancient religion practiced far and wide across the lands of Aman’ithil amongst a wide berth of people from all walks of life.

The vast majority of Clerics and clergy that live in service to the Theology are female, although they do not turn away male believers, most instead choose to become Temple-Knights or if they are Blessed, Paladins.

Main Deity: The Goddess

Known to the people only in title, never in name. She is usually referred to in one of three incarnations depending on the time of year: The Maiden, The Mother, and The Matron.

Lesser Deities: Clothos, Lachesis and Atropos.

Known as the Goddess’ Handmaidens, these mythical beings are believed to be the embodiments of the Goddess’ will and control the very ebb and flow of the world and its inhabitants. While not worshiped, the three are often paid homage to in various stages of life and on certain holidays dedicated to their service.

Clothos is the patron of birth, and is often invoked during birthing rites and childhood blessings.

Lachesis is the patron of growth, often invoked during coming of age ceremonies and matrimonial unions.

Atropos is the patron of passing, and is often invoked at funerals and in prayer of the ill and dying.

The Theology is broken down into several orders of clerics, each dedicated to their own domain of divine providence.

Order of Clothos: An order comprised entirely of Life Domain clerics. Dedicated to the honoring of the patron of birth and the preservation of life across the realms.

Order of the Scrolls: An order of Knowledge and Light clerics, typically referred to as the Scroll Bearers. This order is dedicated to the preservation and sharing of the Theologies records and texts.

Order of Atropos: An order of Grave Domain clerics dedicated to performing end of life rites and funeral rites. One of the smaller Orders within the Theology, typically a church will only have a small handful of Atrophites.

Order of the Mother’s Heart: An order made up of both Nature and Tempest Clerics and Ancients Paladins. Dedicated to the protection of the natural order of the world. One of the purest orders of the Theology, they do not dwell in cities, rather they make their temples in the wilderness, either in deep forests or along winding coasts, and commonly commune with the spirits of nature.

Order of the Matron’s Gaze: The most militant of the Theologies orders. Clerics of War and Trickery as well as Devotion and Vengeance paladins are usually found as members. This order is dedicated to the protection of the faithful, as well as the destruction of creatures that are an affront to their deities gaze, such as the undead and fiends.

Order of the Blessed Moon: The second smallest order within the Theology, next to Atrophos, the Blessed Moon are scholars and Arcana clerics who dedicate themselves to the study of the magic flowing through the world, and its connection to their Goddess. Often they can be seen working hand in hand with the Scrolls in deciphering the ancient mysteries of the world, or studying ancient magic.

Theology of the Goddess

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